Steel building kits for hockey’s newest players, the newest gear

Steel building kit makers, like the builders of the kit makers themselves, have had their share of challenges.They’ve been hit with lawsuits, and there have been some bad experiences as well.But for now, they’re seeing their product selling briskly, with some brands even making a profit.That has been good for the industry.And the companies that make building kits are getting […]

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Lego building kits for metal building, scaffolding

AkBuilder Metal Building Kits for Metal Scaffolding & Molds Metal Building kits for Metal Building, scaffoldings and other building accessories are available from AkBuilder in both the U.S. and in Canada.The kits are made from metal sourced from Japan, and feature built-in connectors and power strips.AkBuilder has a long history of building custom metal building kits.Ak Builder Metal Building Kit […]

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