Why a solar-powered Fort Bragg gun is the best choice for your next AR-15 build

A Fort Brag gun is a modern AR-style rifle that shoots 5.56mm bullets and features a polymer buttstock.But unlike a typical AR-10, which has a steel bolt carrier, this rifle has a polymer receiver that allows the bolt to be locked to the bolt carrier without needing to remove it to fire the round.It has a built-in safety, an ambidextrous […]

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How to Build a Minecraft Fort Building Kit: The First Build

As a Minecraft builder myself, I’ve been wanting to build my own fortress since the first Minecraft update.The idea of a fort, while initially cool, was pretty boring, because it just required you to construct a huge structure with a few blocks and then fill it with stuff and then move it around with a bunch of blocks.I wanted something […]

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How to build a building kit from a Lego set

The set is the first of a series of building kits that have been developed to support the Lego-based building market.They will help developers create the parts needed to build their own buildings and accessories.A set of building bricks can range in price from £39 to £399 depending on the materials and colours.They come in different shapes and colours, as […]

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