What’s a lil’ house for?

Builder and DIY enthusiast Julia Davenport is a longtime user of Reddit and her posts are a constant source of inspiration for those in search of new ways to build.In this first post, she explains the process of building a tiny house and how she has been using it for her two children.Julia shares that she has a number of […]

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Why is a robot named Karthus not building the city?

The Globe and Mail, December 19, 2018The new robot, built by Canadian startup karthus, is a collaborative effort among several teams working to build a better and safer robot.The goal of the project is to bring a safer and more efficient robotic design to cities around the world.This robot will use a robot-assisted construction process, rather than a human operator.The […]

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The Lad Builders’ Book

article Building materials are essential to any building project, and Lad Builds provides the building industry with a wealth of information to help builders make decisions on what materials to choose and when.From the materials that are available on the market today, to the information available on Lad Build, this comprehensive resource is sure to help you and your business.Learn […]

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