‘This is our home’: The new building you can build on a home site

A new home can be yours, for $1,200 per square foot, by creating a Minecraft build from scratch, according to a new blog post from Minecraft’s developer Mojang. The article, written by Ryan Schulz, also says a single home can easily be made for $4,200, a project that takes around 15 minutes to complete.“I created this simple home using only the […]

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When is Aatrox coming back to WWE?

The Aatox is coming back for a comeback in WWE after a brief hiatus, as WWE announced Friday.“We are happy to announce the return of Aatrax, our legendary Superstar in WWE,” said Stephanie McMahon in a statement.“He will be the WWE Champion for the foreseeable future.We’re excited to welcome Aatos back and look forward to him making a strong return […]

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