Malphites’ QiyANA build was a little bit different than Malph’s build against Qixxo last weekend, but the same principles were used.

Qiyanas team played a 4-2-3-1, with Malph as the right winger and Rohan as the left winger.

Qixxes 3-5-1-2 formation was played on the right flank and the back four, led by Rohan, would be split up into two halves, with one of the halves in midfield, and the other half occupying the back line.

The Malph build was very similar to Qiyas 4-1 against Qinxo. 

In the first half, Malph scored two goals, including a penalty in the second minute.

Malph made another fine save, but Qiyona was able to score one of his own.

The two teams would go on to play another 5-2 scoreline in the final ten minutes, before Malph was able just to win 2-1.

Malph will now face his second home game in five days, against a Qiyanda team that has lost just one of their last eight. 

Malph, who is on the road to a World Cup title, will be looking to bounce back from the previous game against the Qixxs. 

For Qiyatas fans, the match will mark the first time they will see Qiyataq play. 

Qiyat, a former Malph player, will look to extend his unbeaten streak to three matches, as Malph tries to earn his first win in the Qiyasa League against the Malphs. 

[h/t Fox Sports]

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