The new skin for Udyr, The Painted City, has been released.

You can download it here.

We are very happy to announce that The Paintings of Udyr is now available on the Steam Store!

To celebrate this milestone, we are releasing a new Skin Pack that includes the following skins:The Painted Streets of Udyrs skin is the same as The Paints of Udry, but with the following changes:This is the first new skin released in the Painted Cities update since our previous update on the 1st of January.

We have also added the new “Warden” and “Warp” skins for The Pitted Streets of the city, both of which will be available to purchase on the store after the update.

The Warden and the Warp skins will be purchasable from the Pitted Cities Store after the launch of the new skin pack.

You can find the Paints Of Udyr skin pack and the new Warden skin pack in the Steam store here:

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