Woolworth Building Ideas has got you covered with the first ever LEGO-inspired building kit for Minecraft.

The kit is a replica of the building used in the game and is based on a wooden frame that was designed by designer Andrew Knepper.

You can buy the kit for £20 on the LEGO Shop, but you can also buy the entire set for £40.

The kit comes with a model of the Woolworth building from the game, but also includes the basic building elements like a doorway, two floors and a roof.

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A lot of the ideas in the kit can be found in the video below, including the door.

The Lego builder also makes some nice touches to the inside of the build, including a Lego roof and a wooden table for the kitchen.

It’s not quite as realistic as the actual Woolworth, but the building does make for an interesting LEGO game experience.

A few more ideas are in the pipeline and we’re sure you’ll like them.

You should check out the full Lego Minecraft Lego building kit and other Lego Ideas content at the LEGO website.

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