Build a ziggs in your backyard using simple DIY skills from Ziggs Builder.

The DIY version is the more popular, and there’s also a paid version for a more professional look.

You need a zig-zagging table, wood dowels, a drill and a few scraps of scrap metal.

Cut some dowels out of a 1×4 and then lay them flat.

Drill a hole in the centre and then drill a slot in the middle.

Cut out two strips of wood and put them on the table top.

Cut some dowel strips to fit the dowel holes and then use a piece of wood to build a ziggurat, the ‘big’ one.

With the table in place, drill a hole through the centre of the ziggurat and place a piece on top.

The ziggurat should then rise.

Once you’ve built a zebra ziggurat from the floor and the zigzag table, you can build a Ziggs from scratch using your own tools.

Ziggs Builder has a number of different build kits available, and you can get a ziggys for free from Amazon and eBay, but if you’re looking for a cheaper way to create one, you might want to give Ziggs Build a try.

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