By Lisa M. MillerA bodybuilder who once claimed he was a gluten-free dieter was caught out after the FDA found traces of the dietary supplement in his urine.

Brian Volek, a 33-year-old from Dallas, was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2015.

The disease is characterized by symptoms including diarrhea, bloating and gas.

Volek claims he has celiac and was not gluten-intolerant before he went on a gluten free diet.

In his case, the supplements he was taking caused diarrhea, gas and bloating, he said.

His family said they are “deeply disappointed” by the findings.

Voleks father said he was diagnosed at age 19 and went on an aggressive gluten free lifestyle.

His mother, who was diagnosed in the same time frame, said her son was not a gluten intolerant.

Voles father, Robert Voleken, told ABC News, “We are just really upset about this.

It’s very, very troubling and we’re deeply disappointed.”

In 2015, Voleck tested positive for the protein bovine serum albumin, or BSA, an important marker of celiac.

His doctor said it could be an indicator of the condition.

The FDA found that Volecks urine contained traces of BSA in 2017, which prompted the Texas Department of State Health Services to issue a warning about the condition and the dangers of gluten in general.

Vorek said he started a gluten sensitivity program and was told it is not a disease.

But, he added, “I’ve found out over the last year that it is a lifestyle.”

The BSA found in Volechs urine is produced in the gut by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which can be produced by eating gluten or eating grains.

Vosek said his doctor prescribed the supplements to help him manage his symptoms.

“I’ve never had a doctor tell me that they didn’t know what to do with my condition,” he said in an interview with Next Big Futures.

“I was told, ‘No, you can’t eat grains.

It just doesn’t work.’

I was told I can’t be gluten intolerent, that’s not true.”

Voleks doctor said he tried to get a gluten test and was denied, so he started to search for alternative products and supplements to try to get rid of his condition.

He tried eating the supplement bovines serum albumina, a natural protein found in wheat and barley, and other foods like almonds and strawberries.

Vasek was eventually able to try a gluten supplement.

He said he did not get a positive result, but he was still able to get gluten removed from his body.

“When I was starting to get good results, my doctor recommended me to try one of the supplements, bovins serum albuminos.

I tried it and was amazed at how effective it was,” Voleko said.

He said he noticed that his symptoms improved when he stopped taking the supplement.

But the FDA said the results of the test showed no improvement.

“The results were just, like, ‘OK,'” Voleky said.

Vike, a 32-year old from San Francisco, said he had celiac, too, and said he used supplements to combat his symptoms until he started working out.

He added that he tried other supplements, too.

Vicek said the supplement he used to get better results was the bovis supplement.

“It really helps me get rid the gas, the bloating.

It helps with my stomach and helps with all of those things,” he told ABC affiliate KTVU.

He added that it helps him feel full and strong.

Vosek has been taking the supplements for more than a year.

“One thing I think about is, it helps me maintain that weight,” he added.

“And I can go to a gym and be able to do that and still look good.

And I can eat and I can exercise and I don’t feel like I’m not eating and I feel like my body is just strong and it feels great.”

Voseks doctor also told him the supplements help him sleep better.

“You feel like your body is going to be there,” Voseko said, adding, “And then when you wake up, your body feels the same.”

Vike said he also took the supplements as an anti-aging tool, which he said helped him look younger.

Vape, which was introduced in the 1980s, was designed to help people control their sugar levels and reduce their risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

The company sells a range of products that include mouthwashes, body oils, lip balms, and body scrubs.

“This is a great product, a really great product for me, that really helped me get a body that I want to be proud of,” Vokek said.

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