In the last month, Lillias Mueller has built three new homes in Colorado and three in Oregon, and she has a number of more on the way.

She recently finished the construction of her first house in Seattle, Washington, a new home in New York City, and a new condo building in New Orleans.

The first of those two new homes is the Lillie Mueller-designed mansion in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

The second house, in New Mexico’s Albuquerque, was built by a different firm and is now up for sale.

Mueller has also started work on her first apartment in New Jersey, with the first units expected to be completed in the fall.

She also has a new house in Portland, Oregon, a project she says will bring “transformational new living to the Northwest,” including a new library, restaurant, and gymnasium.

Mueller says her two previous homes, in California and Florida, are in the midst of their final phases of construction.

The first home, in the Los Angeles suburb of Thousand Oaks, California, is nearing completion and will be the first of many projects to come.

“I want people to understand that the vast majority of our work is being done on time, on budget, and we have a really great team here,” Mueller said.

“Our clients are incredibly supportive.

They’re really excited about what we’re doing.” 

Lillias plans to start the construction phase of her next project, a condo in Washington, D.C., later this year.

That will include a hotel, office space, retail space, and new residential space, she said.

Mueller will build the condo as she has for the past two years, but this time she’s using a new design.

Her new condo will be designed to fit into the new development that Mueller has already started on in Washington and Oregon, she added.

“I’ve been working very closely with our partners to get this project to where it needs to be,” she said, adding that the condo will include modern amenities like a rooftop deck and terrace.

Lillian Mueller’s house, pictured, is on display at the Lillian Mueller Design Museum in Seattle.

(Courtesy of Lillis Mueller) Mueller also recently completed the construction on her third condo, in Seattle and Oregon.

New Orleans residents, including Lillian’s two children, will be able to see the Lilli-designed house and other features as they move into Mueller’s apartment in 2020, she told the Washington Post. 

“The first phase is going to be pretty beautiful and fun,” Mueller told the newspaper.

“It’s going to feel like home, like being a part of your own community.” 

Mueller has said she is building a second condo in the neighborhood, but it is unclear whether that project will include an outdoor patio or a smaller patio that would be closer to the ground level. 

The Lillies’ other recent projects include two more houses in Portland and three more in New England, including a $2.3 million condo project in Boston.

 The first home in Seattle is being built by the same firm that built Lilliah’s previous two homes.

The Lillian Mueller-built mansion in Washington’s Capitol Heights neighborhood is pictured in 2018.

(Scott Olson/Getty Images) Murdoch recently started work in Washington on her latest condo project.

She said that the project will provide a “big, new, modern condo.”

She told the Post that the development will also include “really big, new public spaces.” 

“It’s a very big place,” she added, adding: “It looks really beautiful, but we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us.”

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