Queensland has become the latest state to introduce solar farms, with a new supply of power to supply new residential and commercial buildings.

Key points:Seraphine says it has developed an entirely new supply chains to manufacture its solar panels, solar thermal and other energy products in the stateSeraphina is building its solar thermal power plants in the central Queensland town of Seraphina, located on the Sunshine Coast, to meet the rising demand for energySeraphin says it’s the first state in Australia to introduce a solar PV factoryThe Seraphin plant, which is expected to begin generating electricity in the middle of the year, will provide enough electricity to power 500 homes and businesses, and will be the first solar thermal plant to come online in Australia, Seraphinet said.

“Seraphinia Solar Power’s first installation will be at Seraphinia, a small town on the south-east coast of Queensland, located just west of the Gold Coast,” the company said.

“Serphina Solar Power is the first private-sector company to undertake a solar thermal generation facility on the Gold and Sunshine Coast.”

The Serphin plant is the world’s first privately-owned solar thermal facility to be built in Queensland.

Seraphini said it expects to start operating the Seraphinian plant by the end of 2018.

Serphin Solar Power has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Queensland government to build the first Solar Thermal Power Plant in Queensland, Serphina said.

Its first solar plant is expected on the central coast of the Sunshine State in 2018.

The Serafina plant is part of the Serafinian solar thermal project which is being built in Seraphinas northern suburb of Serafin and will provide Seraphinos primary energy needs, according to the company.

The project will provide the energy needed to power the town’s 12,000 residents and 200,000 customers, Serafinas chief executive officer, Peter Dufresne, said.

It’s the largest solar thermal unit in the world, and the first in Australia.

Serafini has signed an agreement with the state’s energy regulator, Queensland Energy, to build a total of 30 Solar Thermal power plants.

“The Seraginis first solar power plant in Queensland is an important milestone in Serafini’s energy transformation strategy,” Mr Dufre said.

Seragini has also signed agreements with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment to build more than 20 more solar thermal projects in NSW, the company added.

Seralgia Solar Power currently produces its solar power products and is the largest privately-held solar thermal company in the country, according the company, with total output expected to exceed 1GW of solar power capacity.

The company said it is investing $500 million in the Seragina solar thermal energy project and is building on its existing Serafins first-generation solar thermal plants, which are being built at Serafinos own facilities in the town of Salina and at Sera, another solar thermal site.

Serawina solar power will provide a base of solar thermal capacity of about 300MW, the majority of which will be built over the next three years, Mr Dafresne said.

The new plant is being designed by the Seralgi Power Design and Construction Group, with support from a consortium of companies, including the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, the Queensland Government, the Northern Powerhouse and Serafinis own company, Seragini.

“This is a very exciting time for Seragins solar thermal development,” Seraginas chief operating officer, Paul Williams, said in a statement.

“Our solar thermal technology is in the right place at the right time for our clients, and we’re thrilled to be able to continue the Sera project.”

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