The construction of the new federal headquarters for the Department of Homeland Security will be the largest project in U.S. history, costing an estimated $1.6 trillion.

But the building won’t be a fortress.

Instead, it will house one of the most critical elements of DHS, which is responsible for ensuring that its workers, facilities and people are safe and secure.

The federal government will build a new building on the south side of the former Fort Knox, Kentucky, military base and will house all of its offices and other facilities, including the Department’s Office of the Chief Information Officer.

That office is where the secretary of homeland security oversees all of the agency’s operations and its workforce, including those who are responsible for cybersecurity.

The building is expected to cost about $3.2 billion.

While the building will be constructed in the most expensive part of the country, the federal government has already spent billions on the construction of its most expensive and complex infrastructure projects.

DHS will spend about $500 million for the new headquarters, with an additional $1 billion or so for additional work to be done in Georgia and Tennessee.

The new headquarters will be called Fort Knox because the base was established in 1783.

It is the largest military base in the United States, and the U. S. military is home to the largest U.,S.


The base is a key part of U. States defense, with nearly half of the nation’s military personnel stationed at the site.

The site, a former coal mine, is home of the U

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