Building a house is a great way to give your family a home and boost your resume.

You’ll want to know how to build the structure of the house, how to design the house’s base, and how to finish the whole house.

Here’s how to get started building your first house.1.

Build a house base.2.

Build the house base structure.3.

Design the house.4.

Finish the whole building.

The easiest way to start building your house is to start by choosing a building material.

You can use LEGO blocks or LEGO bricks.

You don’t need to use wood or stone.

You could use wood, plastic, metal, plastic fiberglass, or plastic.

For this guide, I’m using Lego bricks, but you can use any material you want.

You also don’t have to start with a single building.

You may build multiple houses and then combine them.1.)

Choose a Building MaterialThe easiest building material to use is Lego.

You just need to choose the base you want to build on.

You will also need a base sheet, or base sheet to assemble the structure.

You won’t need a whole house base to assemble.

The base sheet is a flat piece of plastic, but it doesn’t need an entire house base in order to assemble it.

The sheet can be a single layer of plastic or a multi-layered sheet.

For more information, check out my tutorial How to Build a Lego House.2.)

Choose the Base SheetThis will be the base sheet for your building.

The Lego base sheet can consist of many different layers of plastic.

If you want, you can add some more layers of base sheet.

The more layers, the more the building is going to take up space.3.)

Build the House BaseThe most important part of the building process is building the base.

You should be building the entire house.

You do this by choosing the base, then placing the base structure, and then assembling the entire structure.

For my house, I chose a 3-foot wide, 30-foot long, and 4-foot deep, 4-by-4-foot, and 2-by 2-foot building sheet.

You’ll also want to choose a base for the house to be built on.

If it’s just going to be a 3.5-by 3-by wall, you might choose a 3 foot wide, 60-foot tall, and 18-foot high building sheet, and a 1-by 1-foot base sheet (or base sheet) for your 2-story building.4.)

Build The House BaseTo build the base of your house, you will first choose your base sheet from the building material menu.

Then, choose the size of the base sheets that you want for your house.

For example, I’d choose a 6-by 6-foot sheet, a 4- by 4- foot sheet, 2- by 2- foot base sheet that’s 18 feet tall, or a 1.5 by 1- by 1.25-foot structure sheet that is 18 feet wide and 16 feet deep.

For our 3-story house, it would be a 6 by 6- foot building sheet and a 4 by 4.5 building sheet that are 20 feet tall.5.)

Build Your House BaseBefore you build your base, you’ll need to decide how big you want it to be.

You want it so big that it’s easy to walk across it, but not so big it would break.

For most people, the base is the largest part of a house.

But if you’re planning on making a lot of furniture, the wall that you will be using to build your house will need to be bigger than the base that you are building.

This is because a large wall is harder to move.

So if you want your wall to be as big as possible, then you will want to create a large base.

The easiest way for you to do this is to build it with a piece of wood, so that you can move it laterally and then build it over and over.

A standard 2-inch wood plank is ideal for this.

You might also use a piece that’s 1-1/2 feet long.

I’m going to build this section in this photo.6.)

Build your House StructureAs you build the building sheet or base, think about how you want the structure to look and how you will actually use the structure when it’s finished.

This will determine how big your structure is going be.

If your structure has a roof, then it will be a nice tall structure that will be able to be pulled off the base if needed.

For your wall, the structure will be just a single piece of metal that will fold down to form the base for your structure.

But for your walls, the building plan is to make the structure as tall as possible.

This means that the structure that you build will be one piece.7.)

Build and Finish

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