Building a house is the easiest way to raise an army and take control of the map.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be a godlike hero.

Here’s a guide to getting started.

Read more: The first step to getting a base is to visit the Imperial City, which is the city-state capital of the kingdom of Dishonored.

This is where you’ll meet the various people that you’ll be tasked with building your base.

You can start by visiting the main building of Dishoniore, a city in the city of Mor Dhona.

From there, you can visit the rest of the capital, which includes the Cathedral of the Redeemer, the Cathedral Sanctum, the Palace of Truth and the Palace Prison.

There’s also a third building that you can go to: the Cathedral.

This building is a large, ornate building in the center of the city.

From here, you’ll want to visit and talk to the citizens there.

There’s also the Temple of Light in the centre of the square, which you’ll need to open to complete the quest The Path of Destruction.

Once you’ve finished all of the quests, you should be able to open the gate and go to the main entrance of the Imperial Capital.

Once inside, there are three entrances to the city: the Grand Cathedral, the Imperial Palace and the Royal Palace.

The Grand Cathedral is the main hub for all the NPCs and can be accessed by going through the gate that leads to the Grand Palace.

It’s also where the quests are located.

The Imperial Palace is where most of the NPCs are located, which can be reached by going down a narrow alleyway from the Grand cathedral.

The Royal Palace can be found on the other side of the Grand palace, so you can enter it by going up the staircase.

It can also be accessed from the main city gate, which leads to a smaller gate that you have just to jump up.

To access the Imperial palace, you have two options: the central lobby or the lower balcony.

The central lobby is located on the top of the grand hall.

From there, there is a single door to the left of the main room that leads down to the basement.

The basement is home to the two NPCs that are needed to complete The Path Of Destruction: the Empress and the Prince.

The Prince is located in the upper balcony, and is the NPC that you need to talk to in order to progress through The Path.

He can be approached by going right, and then left, and down the hallway, which takes you to the other balcony.

There are two different paths that you will need to take to complete each of the quest quests.

The first is the “easy” path that you do in the main lobby.

The second is the harder path that is found on this balcony.

The “easy path” is just straight-forward.

You simply have to talk with a certain NPC (and you can talk to all the other NPCs in the room), and you can then complete the quests in the lower lobby.

The more difficult path is a bit more complicated.

The Empress needs to be approached in the same way as the other NPC, and will have to fight off a boss that you may or may not be able get into.

There is also a mini-boss that needs to also be defeated, but it can be done in the basement by talking to the guards.

Once all of these quests are completed, you will get to a large elevator, which will take you to a new level in the game.

It will take the player to a room where they can talk with an NPC called The Empress.

Once the player speaks with the Empress, they will be given access to a mini quest.

This will ask them to help with a new quest called “The Great Game.”

This is a quest that is part of the game’s storyline, and the quest is going to be completed in order for the player’s avatar to appear in a new room.

This room will be called The Throne Room, and it’s where the player will finally meet the Empress.

There is also another quest that will be available that you should also complete.

The quest will ask you to find a “greater god,” a term that means “great” in the Japanese language.

You’ll find a key on the door that leads into the room with the key in the throne room.

This key unlocks a door in the back of the throne that leads out into the streets.

You will be able use this to enter the city, where you can get to the Great Game.

The Great game will be completed by killing the “Great King” of the Blades, and you’ll then receive an achievement.

This achievement is available for everyone who completes the game, so

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