A Terraria developer has built a house in her garage in a bid to build an apartment.

The studio behind the game has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $30,000 to fund the purchase of the four-bedroom home in North Melbourne, Victoria.

The house is set in the same neighbourhood as the studio’s studio, but the developers said they wanted to expand on the property by adding an additional bedroom.

“Our studio was built in the garage, which is an extremely small space,” said developer, Jeremy Smith.

“We didn’t want to limit the size, so we decided to expand the space and add an additional three bedrooms.”

The developers said the house will allow them to accommodate up to four people.

“We will have a bedroom and living room for each of our four players, and we will have two bathrooms and an extra bedroom as well,” they said.

The developer said they were currently in talks with the city about the building, but no decisions have been made.

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