Officials are discussing how to respond to U.N. Security Council calls for an emergency meeting of the Syria-Russia Council in the wake of what Russia says are repeated violations of an August ceasefire.

The Russian Defense Ministry said Tuesday that Russia was “monitoring the situation on the ground in Syria with utmost seriousness,” and that it was “not satisfied with the U. N. Security Committee’s statement of April 3 and April 5.”

Russia has been accused of shelling residential areas of the Idlib city of Hama in retaliation for the U:S.


In a statement, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu called the U-N.

resolution a “gross provocation.”

He also said it was unclear how the U.-N.

decision to send the resolution to the council would change the situation in Syria.

The Syrian government said Tuesday it has sent a letter to the U., in which it says the U has failed to provide an explanation for the Russian action.

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