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The best-selling BMW Roadster is coming back, but with some serious changes, with the introduction of the new R1200GS and R1200SR, as well as a new range.BMW has launched the new BMW R1200SS and R1212SR to the public for the first time, and the two models are powered by the same BMW engine and chassis. 

R1200SS is a limited edition model.

It features the same chassis as the R1200RR, with BMW’s “Supercharged” engine.

R1200SR is an affordable roadster.

It’s based on the same platform as the current R1200 and offers an upgrade for $1,200AUD.

The R1200S is a special model that has been developed specifically for the R121200SR.

It offers an all-new engine and suspension package, along with a “supercharger kit” for up to four more liters of fuel, with an optional high-performance battery pack.

Both the new models are on sale in Australia on March 2, but the R600RS and R600SR models are being offered in New Zealand starting April 4.

The two new BMW Roadsters are powered from the same engine and have identical performance.

They have similar weight and weight-to-length ratios and will both be available in the US.

They are also both available with a range of optional accessories, including heated seats and heated rear-view mirrors, in addition to the standard front and rear seats. 

The BMW R12800 is a premium roadster priced at $2,995AUD.

It has a “Supercharger Kit” that can upgrade the engine to a “Combustion” variant.

It also features heated front seats, a heated front spoiler and a new front fender.

The new BMW “R1200s” are priced at an extra $1.4 millionAUD.

The R1200R1200S has a unique rear-wheel drive system that combines the BMW engine with the Porsche 918 Spyder’s electric motor.

The rear wheels can also be equipped with a high-definition audio system.

The BMW Roadstarters are both available in black, and a limited number of black Roadster models are available in white.

The all-wheel-drive, all-electric Roadster model is available with an option for an electric motor, and it comes with an upgraded electric powertrain, including a new lithium ion battery.

The electric motor can be swapped out for a more powerful one for up, down or left-right drives.

The “Supercharging” BMW RoadStarter has the same powertrain as the “SuperCharger” model, but it comes equipped with an electric battery. 

Both models have a rear-facing electric horn and LED tail lights.

The carbon-fiber Roadster comes with leather seating.

The black Roadstarter is available in either black or grey, and will be available from April 4, while the white Roadster will be made available to order in February.

The new BMW roadster is available on-sale in Australia from March 2.

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