Builder and DIY enthusiast Julia Davenport is a longtime user of Reddit and her posts are a constant source of inspiration for those in search of new ways to build.

In this first post, she explains the process of building a tiny house and how she has been using it for her two children.

Julia shares that she has a number of other small- and medium-sized homes, including one she has built herself.

“I love it,” she says.

“It’s like a mini town with a little bit of a backyard.”

A few months ago, Julia started building a small home out of plywood and bamboo.

“When I started out, I didn’t know how much of a project it would be.

It took a lot of planning, but I am a DIY person and the house was a blast,” she explains.

“The wood is very flexible, so I can build it out of any material I like, and I can just take it apart and use it as a frame for the roof.”

Julia has built a number small houses over the years, but this is her first ever build.

She says that her husband was thrilled by the idea and decided to build it with the help of his father.

Julia started out by adding a wooden frame to the inside of the house, but it was soon apparent that this wasn’t going to work.

She wanted to make the house as modular as possible, so she started by making the entire building out of two sections of plywoods.

She then started working on the frame sections, cutting down the sides to make them more suitable for the home.

Julia then began to add the insulation to the plywood.

As the insulation is very dense, she adds a piece of cardboard to each section to hold it together.

The final step is to attach the two sections together by sewing them together.

She is now ready to start assembling the house.

“This was the first time I built with a computer,” Julia says.

She has been working with a CNC machine since the first few months of building, and she was able to get her build to a fairly close finish.

“So I have built with it on a C1, and it was very nice and quiet, so it was perfect for me to start from there.”

Julia says that the build has been a great experience.

“As a builder, I can use the build to improve myself.

I think it’s a good way to learn a lot about how to build,” she notes.

Julia is currently working on her second build, which she hopes will be completed in the coming months.

“If I get to the end of the first one, I will be able to build my house in a few weeks, and then I will do the second one.”

Julia is a regular on Reddit, and this time she was also able to add her thoughts on the building process to the comments section of her post.

“Some builders are great, and some people are not, but the majority of builders are very good,” Julia writes.

“Even people who don’t do well at building, they can learn and have fun.”

Julia hopes that her post will help others who are interested in building.

“Sometimes the best thing you can do is just give it a try,” she concludes.

“Just because you can’t make it works doesn’t mean you can always give it up.”

Julia’s post has been viewed over 4 million times.

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