A Fort Brag gun is a modern AR-style rifle that shoots 5.56mm bullets and features a polymer buttstock.

But unlike a typical AR-10, which has a steel bolt carrier, this rifle has a polymer receiver that allows the bolt to be locked to the bolt carrier without needing to remove it to fire the round.

It has a built-in safety, an ambidextrous grip, a rail on the rear, a suppressor and an aluminum receiver.

It’s available with an adjustable trigger and comes with a 12-round magazine.

The Fort Brags are the latest iteration of a popular AR-series rifle, and they’ve become a favorite of gun enthusiasts, who say they have an ideal size for their target.

“You want a rifle that you can get into, the AR-11 is perfect,” said Mike Fischman, the owner of the Fischmans Sporting Goods in Fort Brattag, South Carolina.

“I like to go out and hunt with my AR-12 and the AR15 and AR-22 and the Savage Arms and the Barrett AR-2000.

I think the Fort Brigs are the best for the job.”

The Fort Brigid’s best-selling rifle is the ARX-160, which is also the weapon used by U.S. Army veteran David Miller, who was killed in Iraq in 2006 while defending his home against insurgents.

Miller bought the rifle and used it in a standoff at a building in South Carolina and then used it to kill six insurgents with the ARx-160.

Miller said he was surprised when his AR-160 went off at the first shot.

“It was just the right size for the right situation,” he said.

It just feels right.””

It feels very light, it feels very smooth and I can shoot a round from this rifle without a problem.

It just feels right.”

The ARX is the most popular rifle in the AR rifle family, with more than 1,000 AR-type rifles being produced and sold every year, according to gun manufacturer Sig Sauer.

The AR-16 is the more popular of the two rifles, with nearly 300,000 being manufactured and sold.

But many AR-like rifles are more popular with civilian shooters, who prefer smaller rifles to carry their weapons.

“I would definitely say it’s the AR, but it’s not an AR-X,” said Steve Haus, a retired FBI agent and former firearms instructor in Fort Worth, Texas.

“When I go hunting, I want a small rifle, not an oversized AR-17 or AR-18.

It is a great, compact rifle.”

A Fort Bragan is the first AR rifle that requires a fixed bolt carrier and requires the rifle to be fitted with a silencer, which prevents the weapon from being heard when firing.

The gun has been designed to accept the AR stock, which allows it to be held securely in place while the bolt is locked to it.

It comes with three magazines, but the magazine capacity can be increased by changing the magazine catch, which lowers the size of the magazine and lowers the overall length of the gun.

The Fischmens Sporting Goods store sells several other AR-based products, including the M-16 rifle, the FN Five-SeveN rifle and the Remington 700-series of AR-types.

They also sell some of the popular AR15 variants, such as the AR5, the M4 and the M16.

The Springfield Armory AR series is one of the most well-known and popular rifles in the world.

The Springfield AR-5, also known as the M1 Garand rifle, was adopted by the U..

S., France, Canada and Australia in 1963.

The AR-M1, which was the first weapon developed specifically for the U of A, was introduced in 1978.

The first U.N. peacekeeping mission was carried out in South Africa in 1991.

In 2016, the U, France and Canada signed an agreement to begin work on an AR platform for the United Nations peacekeeping force.

The United States military plans to use the AR platform as a replacement for the M14 and M16 assault rifles.

The U.s. military has said that its AR-platform rifles will be compatible with military standard M4 carbines.

The new AR platform, called the AR 10 and AR 15, will replace the M15 and M4 assault rifles in U. S. service.

The new ARs will be produced by FN, a subsidiary of France’s FN Group, and the U., a subsidiary, of Germany’s Heckler & Koch.

The rifle’s price is set to rise to $2,500 in 2021.

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