Dedicated to Darius, the god of war, this book is filled with epic builds and detailed pictures of Darius’s armies.

You will be amazed at the sheer size and scale of Darius’ armies, from his gigantic Doric Walls, to the sheer amount of land covered by his empire, to how Darius managed to build such a large empire, with a huge army, and with no manpower.

Darius built his empire from scratch, and in the process he became the most powerful king of his time.

Darius is a god of the sky, but also of war.

This book is dedicated to Darius the god who made the skies his playground.

Darius’s empire was built on a foundation of gold and silver, and he also had a massive army, a fleet, and the largest army in all of Greece.

Darius was the ruler of the world, and this book will help you to learn how to build your own empire.

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