Allied building brands built a bear that survived a tornado, and now it’s in demand.

Tristana Bear, a black bear that weighs 2.3 tons, was the inspiration for the company’s new product line.

It is the only one of its kind in the United States.

Trisara, which also builds bear-friendly products, said it developed the bear after being inspired by the animal and how its life was lived in a bear den.

Tresara founder and CEO Matt DeMeyer said the bears life was a stark contrast to the everyday life of many bears in the wild.

DeMeyers father died when Tresara was founded in 2014, and he wanted to bring the bear back to life.

Tresta, Tresa Bear and Tresarra are the only bear products that are truly bear-safe.

Tresary, Tresta Bear, and Trestarra bear products are available in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Trepac, which makes bear-proof coatings, said Tresarian and Tristan are among the first products in the U.S. to use Tresaria Bear’s technology.

Tretrac said the bear’s survival made it the perfect companion for Tresaro, a three-year-old Siberian Husky.

Tremace, a bear protection product, is also designed to help keep bears in their dens.

Trevor, a Tresaran bear safety product, comes with a special hood for keeping the bear cool.

Tressa, the company that makes bear products, has a new product, Tressa Bear Collar, in the works that will have the bears hood and collar removed.

Terrace is available in the Canadian market and will be sold exclusively through Tresars website starting next month.

The company also announced plans to build a teddy bear sanctuary in the mountains of the Ussuri District in the northern part of the United Arab Emirates, with Tresarians backing.

The Tresarias new bear sanctuary will house a population of 50 bears, including six male and six female bears.

The bear sanctuary is being built in a remote part of northern Al Ain province, just across the border from Dubai.

Tricar said it’s a good opportunity to educate and inspire future bear breeders to keep their cubs and offspring safe in bear-free environments.

The bear sanctuary project will have a goal to have 100 bears, and will focus on improving safety for bears, said Trepac.

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