NEW YORK (AP) — This is not the presidential race for Republicans.

It’s not even the race for New Yorkers, who have yet to cast a ballot in the state’s presidential primary, which begins June 26.

This is the state of New York.

This is the party’s primary.

And in the early stages of the presidential primary season, it’s been a pretty big shock to many of the candidates.

Democrats are trying to win back control of the Senate after losing the majority there in 2018.

Republicans are seeking a victory in November in their presidential bid.

The candidates in this contest have no real connection to each other.

They are, in fact, the opposite of each other — Democrats and Republicans.

And they are each competing to become the next president of the United States.

Republican Gov.

Andrew Cuomo, a self-described moderate, is the frontrunner in this race.

He has led in New York polls and is on track to become governor in 2020, but he faces a formidable primary challenge from Democrat Mary Pat Quinn.

Quinn is the only candidate who has declared a formal campaign.

Cuomo is running in part to try to counter her and other Democratic governors, including New York’s Cuomo, who are not expected to run again for a third term.

He’s also running because he believes the party has lost momentum and is facing a daunting task in trying to unseat the governor, who was elected in the last general election in 2016.

Republican Donald Trump has dominated the national debate in recent days.

He said that Democrats are waging a political war against him and has repeatedly criticized Clinton for her use of a private email server while serving as secretary of state.

He also called for a boycott of Clinton’s planned visit to New York to campaign for him.

Trump has said that the Democrats are working to undermine him and he has repeatedly attacked Quinn.

In the Democratic race, Sen. Mazie Hirono, a former state senator, is fighting for her party’s nomination and has also made some inflammatory comments.

She has said she has “never seen anything like this in my life.”

Republican Sen. Chuck Schumer is expected to take the nomination from Cuomo in November.

Cuomo, the first Latina governor in U.S. history, is viewed as a moderate and a moderate Republican, but many in New Yorkers think the two men have a lot in common.

Cuomo has called himself a conservative, but in an interview with The Associated Press in September he called himself an “independent” in that he is not beholden to any party.

Quizzed about Trump’s criticism, Cuomo said, “Well, he’s never going to like me.

I’m a Republican.

He doesn’t like me, but that’s OK.”

The two candidates have had to spar over some issues that have been of national concern during the campaign, including the war in Afghanistan, the refugee crisis and gun control.

Cuomo told a news conference last month that Trump was trying to undermine the GOP’s efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, a law that is popular among Democrats and some Republicans.

Trump’s campaign said he was trying “to undermine the efforts of the Democrats to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act.

Cuomo said it was a joke.”

Trump has called the country a “disaster” and accused Democrats of trying to “destroy” the country. “

I’m not going to let him take away my rights, which I’ve got.”

Trump has called the country a “disaster” and accused Democrats of trying to “destroy” the country.

But he also says he believes his supporters will back him if he wins the election.

“I’ve got the people, the Republicans, who will be on my side.

They’ve got it all in my hand,” Trump said in a Sept. 6 rally in Erie, New York, when asked about his own supporters.

“If you believe I’m going to protect you, I have a message for you.

You better get ready.”

He also said that Quinn, who has not declared a campaign, was “very close to me.

You know, we’re not talking about the candidates right now, but we’re talking about me.”

Clinton has tried to distance herself from Trump in recent weeks, but she did not deny that she is a Democrat.

In an interview this month, Clinton said she had been considering running for president since the early 1980s, and she has said there are many reasons for that.

“You know, I’ve thought about it.

I have talked to a lot of people.

I think there are lots of reasons,” Clinton said.

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