A new report suggests that Google wants to make an app to bring back Google Assistant on iOS.

Google has made several apps for the feature in the past, but none of them have made it to Apple’s app store.

The report claims that Google is actively working on a new version of Google Assistant, which it has dubbed “Android Assistant,” that will be made available for developers to build for Android.

The app would bring the Google assistant to Android, and it would include a custom UI, so that users can see what they’re talking about when they speak it.

The new app would also include the ability to interact with the Google Assistant through a web browser.

This new version will have a more polished interface and more native features, the report says.

This is likely the first time that Google has ever announced an official Android app, and Google could be using this report to give developers more confidence that they will receive updates from Google before the official release of Android.

Google will probably have a lot of work to do on Android to bring this feature to iOS.

Android users will need to update to the new version, which will be released to the App Store in early 2018.

The company’s plans for a Google Assistant-powered version of Android could be in jeopardy if Apple’s approval of the app is delayed.

Apple is already in the process of reviewing Google’s request for approval, and has stated that it has no plans to allow Google to use Siri in the App store.

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