Google’s first two billion pound ($1.3 billion) bridge building project in Wales is to begin construction soon, with the firm planning to build the first bridge in the UK to be built using “next-generation bridge technology”.

The project is expected to take three years to complete, with around 200,000 vehicles expected to be involved in the project.

The construction of the bridge will be funded by the European Union, as part of a wider investment in Wales.

A spokesman for the company said: “The UK is a key export market for Google and we are proud to be building a bridge from the UK that will be a major economic and social boost for our country.”

We’re building the world’s largest bridge, which will also be a catalyst for innovation, job creation and tourism in Wales.

“Construction of the £1.1 billion bridge will involve the construction of a new bridge over the River Tewkesbury and a new road crossing the river.

Google has been awarded a £1 billion contract from the European Commission to build a “next generation bridge” for the UK.

The project will use next-generation technology, which involves a combination of existing bridges and new technology, to create a wider bridge that will span over the river, with more than 100 kilometres of tunnels and bridges.

The firm also has a contract to build three other large bridge projects across the UK, in Aberdeenshire and Inverclyde.

It also has contracts to build new bridges in Cornwall and North Wales.

Google’s previous £6.3 million bridge in South Wales was completed last year, and the company has plans to build similar bridges across the country.

Google, which has a strong presence in Wales, said the bridge was a major boost to its Welsh operations.

The company has been building bridges in other countries, including in Australia and India.

The new bridge will span the River Ouse, a major river in Wales and the largest in the country, and will have a capacity of 300,000 people and an estimated £1 million per kilometre.

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