Build a killer drone, and you’ll be rewarded with millions of dollars.

This is the story of the Syndra, a drone that was built by an Israeli billionaire and now stands to become a major selling point in the drone industry.

Syndra, as it was called, was developed by Israel Aerospace Industries, the Israel Defense Forces’ premier drone manufacturer.

The drone is based on a single-seat drone, with the ability to carry up to six people and a payload of more than 8 pounds of payload.

It’s not the most advanced drone in the world, but its popularity has seen it become the target of numerous anti-drones campaigns in the United States, and it was also recently named by a federal judge to be named as the next drone to be banned in the U.S. The Syndras design is so innovative that it was able to overcome some of the major hurdles in the design process, but it also had to overcome the fact that the United Nations has not approved any drone for export to the United Kingdom.

That means that the drone could potentially be a problem for U.K. regulators.

Syndrases development is part of the Israeli military’s long history of selling military hardware to the U,K.

It was originally built by the Ural company Avion for the Israeli Army and later by Avion in partnership with BAE Systems and the Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI).

The Israeli government is reportedly considering an import ban on the Synderra, which is designed to be a competitor to the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress, but that may not happen until after the 2020 Olympics, the United Arab Emirates, and other high-profile events.

The Israeli defense contractor Avion has already built several drones for the UAV market, including one that was reportedly used to attack Hamas fighters in Gaza in 2014, but in the past year or so, it’s been ramping up production of a drone designed specifically for Israel.

“The drone that we’ve just built is a drone to defend Israel and protect its citizens,” Israeli defense official Amos Gilboa told The New York Times in March.

“We have a very good drone and we are not afraid of anything.”

This new drone will likely be used to defend the Israel-Lebanon border, and possibly also to patrol the skies over Syria, where the Islamic State is operating.

Israel and the United State have recently reached an agreement on a deal that will see the U-turn the Israeli government from using drones to attack terrorists to using them to monitor the border.

The agreement also includes an agreement that requires Israel to stop conducting airstrikes against Syria and Iran, as well as allowing Israel to transfer U.s. technology to the other side of the conflict.

The deal is the culmination of years of negotiations between Israel and Washington, and was reached during the 2015 war with Iran.

The U.N. Security Council has voted to blacklist Israel for using drones in the Middle East, and this is the first time that Israel has been banned from using them, at least under U.n. resolution 2334.

Israel has denied that the UAI has used its drones in any hostilities in the region, and the Syrenas new drone is equipped with a laser range finder and a remote-controlled drone camera, which it claims can provide information on its targets.

The drones are also equipped with cameras that can see in infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths, according to the IAI.

“Our goal is to use the technology to prevent attacks on our people and defend our country,” the Syrenea chief executive, Avi Ben-Ari, told the Times of Israel in March of this year.

“This technology has never been used in warfare before and is highly sophisticated, with great potential to make our lives safer.”

Syndra’s new drone has an incredible range of 12,000 meters and is capable of delivering up to seven payloads, according the Times.

“When used correctly, the Syridas payload can reach targets anywhere in the Greater Middle East,” the company said in a statement.

“Its powerful laser rangefinder allows for a quick and accurate assessment of threats and to avoid dangerous locations.

The smart camera is able to identify, track, and track enemies at a distance.”

Israel is not the only country interested in selling drones to the world.

The United States has also been selling drones for years.

The Air Force has been using drones for nearly 20 years, and in 2013 the military sold its first unmanned aircraft, the Prowler.

The Prowlers were used to conduct surveillance missions over Iraq and Afghanistan, but the UAW-backed Cessna 300 was the first aircraft to be fully autonomous and flew autonomously from the air for the first six months of its service life.

While the Cessnas range was small and the price high, it was still cheaper than buying a full-fledged

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