The Big Three are still the biggest players in the automotive industry, but it seems that Toyota has turned a corner.

The Japanese automaker announced that it will open a plant in the US to build a new generation of the Lexus luxury crossover.

The announcement came just days after the Toyota Group, the company’s parent, said that it plans to invest in US auto parts makers.

The company plans to add 500 US jobs to its North American assembly base by 2020.

The new plant will be part of the Toyota Motor Division, the parent of Toyota, Lexus and Scion.

The new plant has been in the works for years, but the announcement comes just as the US is expected to overtake Japan as the world’s largest car market.

Toyota has been a big beneficiary of the rise in car sales in the past few years.

In 2018, Toyota announced it will create 1,000 new jobs at its US assembly plant.

The US auto industry has been hit by falling auto prices, but a rise in sales in China has also boosted the industry.

Toyotas luxury crossover is already on sale in the United States.

It will be available in the spring of 2019, and will cost $29,400.

The first vehicle will be the Lexi , a compact hatchback that Toyota hopes will help lure more families into the market.

It is also the first Toyota vehicle to use a hybrid drive system, which will allow the vehicle to drive more like a hybrid.

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