article The Washington Post is reporting that Trump has told Russian President Vladimir Putin that the United States has to build a $1.7 trillion arms industry in the region.

This is a major escalation of Trump’s longstanding policy of pressuring Russia into building up its military power, which is the main reason why he is so anxious about Putin.

The Post reports that Trump told Putin that “there is a need for the United [States] to make this investment.”

This is in direct contradiction to his own statements about the US’s supposed commitment to maintaining NATO and the Warsaw Pact.

Trump also reportedly told Putin about the $400 billion in aid that Russia was giving to Syria, and how this could be used to boost the economy of the country.

It is clear that Trump is preparing to use the threat of a war with Russia to push Russia to spend more on arms and increase the size of the Russian economy.

Trump’s administration has long argued that its military assistance to Syria and the other Middle Eastern nations is to “degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIS.

Trump has been pressuring Russia to build up its economy, and now it appears he is going to do the same to the United State.

The Pentagon has been building up a huge military arsenal that has been mostly used to protect the United Kingdom, the United Nations, the European Union, and other Western nations from ISIS and other foreign terrorists.

Trump and Putin are reportedly talking about how the Pentagon would like to see the US military increase its military spending by $1 billion per year, and to build “the world’s largest air defense network.”

This would mean that the US government would have to spend billions of dollars per year to keep up with the massive military buildup in the Middle East and elsewhere.

This would include the building of new aircraft carriers, as well as the acquisition of a fleet of new warships.

Trump, Putin, and the rest of the Trump administration are all worried about the rise of ISIS.

They want to build an American military that is more powerful than Russia’s and that can eventually confront the threat from ISIS.

This strategy is designed to give Trump and his cronies in the Pentagon more leverage over Putin, who has become increasingly aggressive in the last year.

The Trump administration has been working on a plan to replace the Cold War-era nuclear triad with a nuclear-armed, conventional, and conventional-armed one.

In a speech to the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C., in December 2016, President Trump proposed “a nuclear triade, consisting of the United states, Russia, and China, that is capable of defending the United States borders against any threat posed by the nuclear-weapon-armed countries of the world.”

This plan would include a new nuclear triopower, an “armed” version of the triad, and a “nuclear-armed” alternative.

This new triopowers would be led by Russia, with China serving as the “nuclear weapon.”

The “nuclear triad” is the United Sates “nuclear umbrella.”

Trump’s “armed triopreasury” is meant to counter any threat from the nuclear triads of the three countries.

The plan to rebuild the triops was first proposed by Donald Trump in the spring of 2016, and was put forward by then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates in February of that year.

A “nuclear war” would be an international war in which Russia and China would fight one another, with Russia acting as a nuclear umbrella and China acting as an “anti-ballistic missile” system.

Trump believes that the triopres could be deployed in a “fire-and-forget” style, meaning that the military could be completely withdrawn from the fight and left to defend its allies.

This plan has received strong support from some of Trumps closest advisers, including retired Lt.

General Michael Flynn, who is now Trump’s national security advisor.

The New York Times recently published an article by Flynn and others who argued that Trump was going to build the “strategic nuclear triangle” to counter ISIS, the so-called Islamic State.

They wrote: We know that Putin and Kim Jong Un want to have a nuclear triadic alliance, in which their two superpowers have a common interest in defeating the UnitedS, and that this would be the only way to counter the growing threat posed from Iran, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

Trump is now preparing to take a big step toward a nuclear war with China.

The Times reported that Flynn told the president in December that the Trump-led “strategy of deterrence” would “end with a war between the UnitedStates and China.”

This “strategies” would see Trump use the U.S. military to “prevent” China from using its military to defend itself against Russia.

Flynn said that the U the “war is going on between the U, a super power, and [China], which is a superpower with an economic interest in preventing that U from

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