Today, DC Comics announced a brand new contest for its official costume contest, in which fans can enter their ideas and vote on which one they’d like to see on the capitol.

The contest, called “The Capitol Costume Contest,” runs through March 24, 2018.

There’s no official costume, but there are tons of different ideas from fans, including a “beige version of Wonder Woman,” a “red-and-white version of Black Canary,” and a “black-and/or-orange version of the Batgirl.”

Here’s a look at the official costume that will be worn on the big screen.

The costume contest has also given fans a chance to make their own costumes for DC Comics’ upcoming movie “Justice League,” which will be released March 31.

The contest is open to fans of the DC Comics characters, and each costume is judged by the fans.

Here’s what we’ve learned from the first contest:The official costume for “Justice Lizards” is a “light blue with black stripes.”

But it was the “red version of Batman,” which we saw on “Justice” earlier this year, that got the fans excited about the contest.

And they weren’t the only ones.

The DC Comics “Justice Lizard” costume has a red and black “batman” silhouette, a red cape, and a red belt.

Fans are also voting for the costume to be worn by the DC Villains.

Here’s a closer look at “Justice lizards” on the “Justice’ team.

Here is the official DC Comics costume for the DC’s “Supermen” team, which includes a red-and blue-striped cape, red belt, and red helmet.

The official DC costume for Black Canary, meanwhile, is a dark blue-and red cape with a red “Superman” logo.

Fans have also been voting for Canary to be dressed as a superhero.

The Capemans contest has featured costumes from the likes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Black Canary and Green Lantern.

But fans have also chosen to enter their own designs for the costumes, as well.

Here are some of the other costume ideas fans submitted for the contest:Here’s an alternate version of a “Green Lantern” costume, which we see a lot on “The Flash” and “Supergirl.”

Here’s the official Batman costume from “Batman: The Animated Series,” which includes “a green and black cape with yellow-and black stripes,” as well as a cape with the “bat” symbol.

Here it is again, with a “Red Arrow” cape, a green-and brown belt, a cape that “gets you in the ring,” and an orange-and green-stripes cape.

Here, fans have submitted a “Black Canary” costume for DC’s upcoming “Green Arrow” movie, which will feature a “green and black version of Green Arrow.”

Here is a new costume from fans that looks like it could be worn in “JusticeLeague” — but it isn’t.

We see the logo of the costume on the side of the cape.

We also see a red cap on the cape, which might be an alternate costume, or it could also be the same costume.

Here is the costume.

Here was another costume that featured a “Batman” logo on the back.

It’s definitely not the official one, and we can’t imagine anyone wearing it.

It would have to be for a Batman “special” costume.

Fans have also submitted alternate versions of some of DC Comics biggest characters:Batman has always been a big fan of “DC Universe” costumes, so the contest’s “Batmobile” and the “Green Hood” look to be the big two.

But the “Bat” version is actually the DC characters “Bat-Boom,” the Batmobile, and the Joker.

We’re not sure if fans are voting for these to be DC Comics Bat-Boms or the DC Universe Bat-Loms.

There’s also a version of “Wonder Woman” that has a cape featuring the words “The Oracle,” which could be a reference to a comic book from the 1980s that featured the Oracle, and which is a fan favorite character.

Here are some alternate versions:Here is an alternate “Green Hornet” costume from a fan who submitted a version with a cape, belt, cape, mask, and mask.

We love the costume’s overall design.

The final “JusticeLizards” costume looks like the one we saw in “The Supermen,” which featured a red, black, and green cape.

The costume is still in the design phase, but fans have already voted for it to be used by the Batman “Super-Team.”

Here are all the alternate costumes that fans submitted in the contest, including the Batman, Robin, Aquarian, and Green Arrow costumes.

Here you can see some of these in action,

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