The set is the first of a series of building kits that have been developed to support the Lego-based building market.

They will help developers create the parts needed to build their own buildings and accessories.

A set of building bricks can range in price from £39 to £399 depending on the materials and colours.

They come in different shapes and colours, as well as the options of colour combinations and materials.

The set includes the base model of the building kit and a range of accessories including a pair of building wheels, a building frame, and a set of pipes and screws.

The bricks themselves are made out of aluminium and glass.

The aluminium is used to make the base of the base and a layer of glass that provides extra rigidity.

The base model, which costs £79, includes the bricks, a base, and the wheels.

A Lego building kit that includes a set including a base model and wheels (left) and a Lego base (right).

Source: Lego, InstagramThe base kit also includes a piece of foam and a foam base.

The base model also includes some accessories, including a construction set, a pair.

“This kit was built from the base Lego set, which is a perfect base for anyone who wants to build and test their creations,” said Emma Hines, chief marketing officer at the company.

“It’s got all the essential components you need to build, and it comes with a set, including the building base and building wheels.”

The kit is perfect for those who want to get up and running quickly, and those who just want to build the Lego sets, and have a go.

“The company has been releasing new building kits and accessories for the last two years.

It began selling a range in December 2015.

The most recent Lego kit, the first to be produced, sold for $1,049 at the start of May.

The first set to be released was the $299 base kit from 2017, which has since sold out.

After that, the company has released a range worth $799 that includes building sets, a construction base, building wheels and pipes.

The new set is available from the end of May until the end, with all sales taking place on the Lego Shop website.

In terms of the range, the base kit is the most expensive, with prices starting at $79.

It comes with two base models, the $99 model and the $129 model.

The $99 base kit.

Source: LEGO, Instagram

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