Lulu Builds Game for PC

The game, which has been dubbed “Lulu Build” on its Twitter account, is based on the popular video game franchise, but with a focus on building and creating games with the PC platform.Lulu is being developed by developer Tic Tac Games.The game features a free-to-play, turn-based combat game with “no limits,” the publisher says.You can play the game on Windows, […]

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What is renga?

The Next 20/20 article How to build React applications from scratch article The Reagent Framework article A tutorial on building React apps from scratch with the Reagent framework article A quick guide to building React applications using Reagent with Babel article Reusable Components article How Reagent can make your life easier with reagent-builder and react-scripts article React.js API for Building […]

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How to build a self credit builder

Building self-credit builders is not an easy task.While the project can be achieved with the help of a simple website or a few minutes of coding, it is often not that easy.The first step in this process is to understand the project and what it does.This will enable you to build the website that will serve as a base for […]

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Google builds £1bn bridge builder for £1,000

Google’s first two billion pound ($1.3 billion) bridge building project in Wales is to begin construction soon, with the firm planning to build the first bridge in the UK to be built using “next-generation bridge technology”.The project is expected to take three years to complete, with around 200,000 vehicles expected to be involved in the project.The construction of the bridge […]

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